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Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's between me and him. Who's he? I won't tell you anyway. (kejam kah? tidak bah kan..) Actually, I know he first before he know me and then become friend. I think it is just a fluke which I saw a photo of him together with my cousin. (nampak di pesbuk jak bah) My first impression, pretty boy with a beautiful smile.. LOL!! Ahaha~ But its true, he really got a beautiful smile. (apa yang saya nampak lah, maklumlah kabur-kabur nih mata nih..ahaha~) I being a stalker, view his wall and most important one is read his info.  He seems to be my focus for the day. And then, I really don’t know why I click ADD FRIEND. I never add people that I don’t know. Pergghhh! Weird!! On my mind, would he ACCEPT my friend request? Or ignore it?? A few day later, I saw this in my notification "**** ******* accepted your friend request". Woah! We are friend already. (dalam pesbuk saja lah) Ehehe~ I think most of his post I click 'Like'. Entah macam mana, pada suatu hari tuh kami 'berchat' plak. He said that I'm the lucky one. Sebab dia jarang reply message orang dalam facebook nih. (kambang hidung saya nih..punya lar~ahaha..)

Mmm.. You know who this guy? He is an actress who starred in the 1 liter of tears drama. (japanese drama) Muka kawan saya tuh seiras macam nih lah. (40 % only..) Ahaha~ Maybe he had a big laugh after seeing this picture. Ahaha~ LOL!! He also have told me about someone that he fall in love. But he did not tell the girl. (aiyooo..dia just bagi 'hint' saja nih..) It's a very long story. Mmm.. At the ending of the story, dia putus asa sama tuh pompuan. (adalah bah sebab dia tuh..) Now, we're friends almost three years but we never met even once. (kasian kan..) Maybe he was too busy. Or maybe because I know everything bout him, that's why he does not want to meet me. Ataupun dia fikir saya gila?? Adeii~ Terlampau banyak assumption nih.. Uhuhu~ (kasi pindik cerita, teda jodoh lah bah tuh..ehehe~) But not everything saya tahu pasal dia nih. It's just a little bit only. Saya sendiri pun tidak tahu macam mana saya boleh tahu pasal dia nih. Ahaha~ Maybe, I have a magic power to know about someone that I wanna know. Ahaha~ LOL!!

This is what he share with me .. One and only .. I do not know that he still remember this or not.. Eeee ~ why I'm telling you about him ... Weird .. Weird right??!! Pergghhh!! Totally weird!!!!!!!! o(╥﹏╥)o

"Being Friend With YOU Has Added A Bright Spot To My Life"

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